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  1. flash still works pretty good on my end only problem is the quote system shows up in front of the message
  2. firefox offers older offline installers on an ftp and getting an older offline installer for chrome isn't hard as for automatic updates for firefox you can create a json that turns off updates or remove some installation files for chrome you set "gupdate" to disabled & set "gupdatem" to manual in services 2021 edit in at least Chrome 79 setting the clock to before January 12th enables Flash Player date can be changed back once loaded in this isn't needed at all in Firefox 46 i'm guessing somewhere between Chrome 59-68 don't need it either
  3. technically you never really needed a browser to use flash xat you just needed adobe's Flash Player Projector a standalone application adobe offers that only pulls 50-100 mbs per chat after setting it up i've found it very helpful the past near decade you could also get flash xat onto a phone in 2013 if you used dolphin browser
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