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  1. Hi my name is Hydra and I like to make websites
  2. I think we have enough smiley powers as it is. But I also think that Bully would be a more fitting name for this power.
  3. Unless you still have bot privileges.
  4. Not sure how this requires support. Use the status feature next time for chatting.
  5. Congratulations. Use your power and influence for good!
  6. It's a nice suggestion, but I think ranks aren't a top priority right now to be focusing on. Also use the search feature next time when posting suggestions :)
  7. that moment you want to change your forum name, but you need to wait for 30 days :(

    1. Bau


      Hellloooo, You can change name forum two or 3 times. . .  More you cant, i think. . . xD

      Ask Brandon" he can help u . . .. .(rolleyes)


    2. Hydra


      Thank you Bau, you are a good forum user!

    3. Bau


      You're welcome (hug)

  8. good point S4muel but hasn't this idea been suggested already? https://forum.xat.com/topic/7182-group-power-rankself/?do=findComment&comment=82016
  9. why would users want to disguise themselves?
  10. bans and kicks are already annoying as it is, but I like your idea.
  11. Hydra


    In my opinion I think we have enough color powers. Being able to cycle between hats on your pawn would be more fun.
  12. Hydra


    im sorry but I do not understand your post, could you please elaborate?
  13. Hydra


    hello guys, I've thought of an awesome power that many would enjoy having just 1 hat on your pawn all of the time gets boring. why not allow us to cycle between hats? this power would allow you to use macros which would make you choose the minutes you want it to cycle for, and the hats you want it to cycle between. resembles a little bit like flashrank if you think about it. for example, $cyclehat=1minute $cyclehat=2minutes $cyclehat=3minutes (this is to prevent the chat from lagging and users spamming the power) and then $cyclehat=hat#a $cyclehat=hat#b $cyclehat=hat#e yes most hats are limited, but many new hats are being created and when xat celebrates their birthday again by releasing old limited pawns I think this power would be great for that occasion. this would be a great opportunity for users to show their creativity with hats.
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