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  1. Do you know why he changed his ID? And I knew for sure that it was an admin account, since IDs 1-101 belong to xat staff.
  2. Sam is a xat staff user. Speaking about xat staff users, I remember someone told me many years ago that there was a xat user that had a single digit ID (id number 1). I believe his name was, "zzNachoMachozz" or something like that. Not sure if there was really a user. But whenever I try to find !regname 1 on FEXBot, there has been no results about that user. Maybe that user deleted his account?
  3. What I'm really curious to know if the Ajuda and Ayuda ones are from the same volunteer.
  4. We all know that the lowest IDs you can actually buy are four digit IDs, and many veteran xat users know about the user Guy (911) in which xat staff had given him that ID for helping out in xat during xat's early days but what very few people know is about those users with three digit IDs: HELP (111) Ajuda (200) Ayuda (201) Does anyone know about those users? Does anyone know about how they obtained those super low IDs? Did those users join xat since the very beginning, or did xat staff also give them those low IDs? As someone who was always fascinated with low IDs, I would love to know about those users. And how come there are two users whose regname are HELP? HELP (111) HELP (1111)
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