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  1. Hi, here i send us the answers of volunteers to my tickets: [removed] I have proofs that this is FALSE, i have called to assistance phone paypal and they have said that in my paypal account history there aren織t nothing purchase to xat.com/buy. Paypal said me that i put a CRIME REPORT vs xat.com and PAYPAL will attest with me vs xat.com. Here is the conversation with paypal. [removed] Here is all activity my paypal account since 28 july ( day that i opened account in xat.com) to 28 january. [removed] He
  2. THIS IS A SHAME¡¡¡,im blocked for 999 days and they said me that it was for make a ´´reversed payment´´,when i have given proofs that it is FALSE,and they wan´t unblock my account. It´s probably that somebody in xat.com is blocking accounts because he wants without proofs. http://prntscr.com/m8dkn1 Here is a cap of my paypal of this date,6 january. <personal info removed> I think this haven´t solution and for this i going to collect signatures, as my lawyer told me, and i will make a collective demand to report the facts to
  3. Hi my account solterodeoro299 has been bloked for 999 days with error 56 unfairly. I have evidences that i have bought all xats in the oficial resselers xat.com (bryan). <Removed - do not share your personal information> xat.com is corrupted, it will be the Spanish legal system who it decides.
  4. Hi my account solterodeoro299 have been held along 999 days and i dont have stolen xats. I have bought xats to resselers verified by xat.com (bryan).i hope admin xat.com can help me please. thank you.
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