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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone for providing their feedback on this :)
  2. Not sure if it's been suggested before, but... It would be good to manually select how many of a power you would like to trade, so that multiple quantities can be added at once. So instead of having to continuously click on the black button like shown below ... You can manually select how many of a single power you would like to add into the trade function, as shown: For example, if you type 2000 in the box then 2000 bird will be added to the trade function at once. Pros: Enables users who have multipl
  3. 3am and on a college night Unfriendly timezone for us brits Generally, thanks so much for donating and making this event happen, I'm sure it will be a great one!
  4. I am unaware of the situation at the moment, however I am giving my feedback based on my experience at Trade in my whole experience as both, a regular user and a former staff member. If my post gets noticed, I hope this post has the pure intention of benefiting the Trade community. I do not intend to offend anybody or cause any misunderstandings from this post. Anyway suggestions and comments are welcome.
  5. @Admin NOTICE IN ADVANCE, PLEASE DO NOT GET BUTTHURT ABOUT ANYTHING IN THIS POST, I AM GENERALISING MY COMMENTS AND THEY ARE NOT PERSONALLY DIRECTED AT ANYBODY. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE BEST OF THE TRADE CHAT, BUT I LIKE TO SAY IT HOW IT IS, SO I'M GOING TO KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE. I never use the forums, but this post was influenced by - Background about me: Started Trading on November 2009 Former Trade Mod from 2010 - 2014 Was friends with trading greats such as Spider, Mokas and Google Former xat Blog Owner from 2011 - 2014 (Aishasites
  6. Selling a 4 digit (1994) Had three previous owner beforehand (Stif, Mario and Carbon / Home) Where to contact me? Forums - Private message xat - Aisha (89694323) Evidence of ownership - Aisha
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