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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone for providing their feedback on this :)
  2. Not sure if it's been suggested before, but... It would be good to manually select how many of a power you would like to trade, so that multiple quantities can be added at once. So instead of having to continuously click on the black button like shown below ... You can manually select how many of a single power you would like to add into the trade function, as shown: For example, if you type 2000 in the box then 2000 bird will be added to the trade function at once. Pros: Enables users who have multiple powers to not spam and waste their time, improving ease and productivity. Eliminates false traders or trolls. Helps people who have [2000] of a power, like myself... Cons: May be difficult to implement under HTML5. To be honest I'm surprised this has never been suggested before during my time on Trade. (unless I'm wrong).
  3. 3am and on a college night Unfriendly timezone for us brits Generally, thanks so much for donating and making this event happen, I'm sure it will be a great one!
  4. I am unaware of the situation at the moment, however I am giving my feedback based on my experience at Trade in my whole experience as both, a regular user and a former staff member. If my post gets noticed, I hope this post has the pure intention of benefiting the Trade community. I do not intend to offend anybody or cause any misunderstandings from this post. Anyway suggestions and comments are welcome.
  5. @Admin NOTICE IN ADVANCE, PLEASE DO NOT GET BUTTHURT ABOUT ANYTHING IN THIS POST, I AM GENERALISING MY COMMENTS AND THEY ARE NOT PERSONALLY DIRECTED AT ANYBODY. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE BEST OF THE TRADE CHAT, BUT I LIKE TO SAY IT HOW IT IS, SO I'M GOING TO KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE. I never use the forums, but this post was influenced by - Background about me: Started Trading on November 2009 Former Trade Mod from 2010 - 2014 Was friends with trading greats such as Spider, Mokas and Google Former xat Blog Owner from 2011 - 2014 (Aishasites) For good or bad reasons, I was / am well known by the trading community, so would like to think my opinion matters. My suggestions: Staff members at Trade should help its users, not profit off them Alright, I get it - staff members need to make some profit too, but there's a way of doing it honestly and not through deceiving the trading community. There have also been many occasions where staff members at Trade ignore or disregard their users and instead continue to buy, sell and trade powers in the main chat. In one instance, a member of staff had deliberately edited the power prices to give them an unfair advantage and attempt to increase the price of the power they were trying to raise in the hope that traders would pay excessive amounts for it. If you want to form a friendly environment and encourage more users to come back and Trade, the staff members should form a good impression and representation which will help the users regarding powers and prices, instead of trying to take advantage and rip them off (using the knowledge that there is no updated bot or trade power price guide). Staff members at Help do not have extensive knowledge about the prices of xat powers, hence it is the Trade staff's responsibility to be honest and help the users out with this issue. Employ more Trade staff from English backgrounds I have experienced issues in the past where people have been unfairly kicked, banned or misunderstood because staff members could not understand screenshots or figures of speech. Without going into details, I had been unfairly demoted because of a misunderstanding of a screenshot. The Trade staff are all very nice and helpful, but nowadays the staff are more fluent in their own language than English. Want to avoid drama? Employ more fluent-English speaking staff. Oh, I am not a racist by the way. These staff members should be forming a professional relationship and working together so communication is direct, clear, and relevant. Have better communication between staff members and the Trading community I would like to raise a few points here - Staff members should hold regular meetings amongst themselves. These meetings should solely be about issues and suggestions addressed by the community. Regular meetings should be approximately once a week, and if timezones are an issue, once every 3 weeks with clear notification in advance. Staff members at Trade should directly ask the community about any suggestions or issues. This can either be through their website, a forum post, etc. These suggestions should be considered, discussed and possibly implemented via point one. If point two is unrealistic, allow a topic on the Forum which allows suggestions about Trade to be made if it is causing too many issues. Hire Trade staff with a passion for the Power economy, NOT their ego If you want Trade to remain active, get a Main Owner or staff member who has a passion for prices in powers. By this, you are ensuring that users are not left confused, ripped off or not feeling confident with trading. This would help users who only go on Trade occasionally, (e.g. Once a month) not getting ripped off. An example is BLASTDE which had risen from 1500 xats to 6000 xats in 2 months or the BLACKFRIDAY power which used to be 100 xats and is now unstable, (Currently at 1500 xats, but was formally 5000 xats) Powers can change drastically in price in as short as 24 hours, therefore we need active staff members who are willing to acknowledge and notify the community on this if and when necessary. Hire a dedicated staff who is happy to regularly update power prices Let's be realistic, the Trade Bot is useless as it still hasn't changed prices from months ago. Xattrade's 'Fair Power Trading Guide' used to be popular, and so many users found this helpful. We had previous regular editors who I will not name as they are no longer known by the community, who had a passion updating this literally twice a day. Before people tell me that they have a life to live, it takes less dedication than being a volunteer answering tickets. Plus accepting a staff member role at Trade should take dedication and responsibility. Combine the Trade and the general community together Can I give a shoutout to @Addict and @Angelo for hosting an amazing event on Trade last night. This had brought the Trade and general community together, which hardly happens. The other pools were dedicated solely to traders, so all parties were happy. The only main event which goes on like this is the Trade anniversary which occurs every January, but at this rate it may not happen for 2019. Regular events (e.g. Once a month) to achieve this is encouraged. Realistically, most of the people who knew Trade for what it was either no longer has any interest in powers, or have quit. If you want Trade to run better, hire a Main Owner with a passion for xat powers and their prices who has knowledge for the Trading community, and someone who can speak fluent-English. Kind Regards, - Aisha
  6. Selling a 4 digit (1994) Had three previous owner beforehand (Stif, Mario and Carbon / Home) Where to contact me? Forums - Private message xat - Aisha (89694323) Evidence of ownership - Aisha
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