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  1. All my life I always had to move to different places. I'm really lonely at my new school that I just started. I have no friends and during lunch I just want to sit in the bathroom until the bell rings because I'm not sure what to do.
  2. I stayed up really late during the summer and noticed how bad my eyes look now. How can I get my eyes to look better?
  3. I'm American and wonder if there are other Americans here, but at the same time want to know what are the most common countries where people use this website.
  4. Thanks, I just figured out the issue. Apparently I have to open up xat on this page in order to login with my email.
  5. I can't login even when I enter the right password. I tried recovering my account with email, but it's not working. The page keeps refreshing and telling me to try again to reset my password.
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