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  1. I am not a graphic designer, but this is my proposal for a banner
  2. Tigi

    Wiki superhalloween

    I apologize for my mistake. I will be more careful next time
  3. In superhalloween there is a new pawns from muertos and you do not have one https://www.xatech.com/web_gear/flash/smiliesshow.swf?r=p1dibread hat#h#dibread
  4. Tigi

    Wiki piggy

    Pigift name change pigift to pigfit
  5. Tigi


    I know that only 42 have a black pawn, but it would be a motivation for game developers
  6. Tigi


    As for me, this kind of distinction should be a black pawn for a week or a month, not a pawn of celebrities, that's a reward
  7. Tigi

    521 PIGGY

    Good job Junior 9/10 sweet these pigs
  8. Happy birthday Sydno

  9. Tigi

    520 KCAR

    Edit wiki you have an error in pow2 and the pawn does not show
  10. Tigi

    520 KCAR

    Samuel hat hw no bw
  11. Tigi

    520 KCAR

    ambulance = karpolice#ffffff
  12. Tigi

    520 KCAR

    hehe very cool idea 9/10
  13. Happy Birthday Samuel:d

    1. Samuel


      Thank youuu :D

  14. I just do not understand why p1p1, not p1? It would even look nice in a hat And edit in the first post
  15. Tigi

    518 MUERTOS

    Very good job very well made
  16. size enlarges and reduces but bad face emoticon
  17. And these pawns do not belong to Scar? the same applies to the lack of four SWF files (p1cdn, p1frk, p1mummy, p1scythe) for this does not show on the wiki
  18. Tigi

    517 GLASSES

    I have a question to the creator of power Glasses if it is possible to rebuild emoticon, (glat #) and to show my own text example: (glat # wtext) text max 9 letters
  19. Tigi

    517 GLASSES

    Very good idea for power faceoff and eyeeye 8/10. So the next power will be the mouth and nose and of course the ears?
  20. Tigi

    497 HATS

    I'm sorry, my error actually works, I had the classic turned off
  21. Tigi

    497 HATS

    bug in combination hat # C (crown) + hat # hC (classic) = hat # CC and here is a bug added crown but no classic added http://scr.hu/50ic/prv2f
  22. Tigi

    Powers Speed

    Hello, I came up with the idea that you could change the speed of the emoticon animation Example: (hula # speed # Wxx) where xx is the speed from -9 (slow) to +9 (fast)
  23. Maybe update the getpower of Collection http://prntscr.com/l3iy93
  24. Tigi

    Wiki Gback

    Hi. Wrong name of emoticon in gback from kawaii (kwpopcicle)
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