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  1. Very nice emoticons @Mihay. Good job
  2. Junior good job, only question why super? Super this should be for the collection.
  3. Hehe, we have a cactus for Christmas. And the banana will be for the new year. Good job
  4. day month year or year month day 311218 181231 or 10119 190101 or 12019 201901 20191 or 12345 90000 98789 99999
  5. More clear pictures not with a white background https://prnt.sc/lujovg https://prnt.sc/lujp71 @Mihay good job nicer than superxmas
  6. Happy Birthday Cupim :d

  7. Tigi

    Happy Birthday! Mihay

  8. Tigi

    524 WIGS

    Good job Junior
  9. Tigi

    Happy Birthday! 

  10. Tigi

    Happy Birthday! 

  11. Junior you're sure it's fixed hmmm... http://prntscr.com/lmgfeo
  12. Tigi

    Happy Birthday!

  13. @Jedi Happy Birthday! 

  14. Happy Birthday! 

    1. DjCrazy


      Happy Birthday!

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