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  1. Tigi

    517 GLASSES

    I have a question to the creator of power Glasses if it is possible to rebuild emoticon, (glat #) and to show my own text example: (glat # wtext) text max 9 letters
  2. Tigi

    517 GLASSES

    Very good idea for power faceoff and eyeeye 8/10. So the next power will be the mouth and nose and of course the ears?
  3. Tigi

    497 HATS

    I'm sorry, my error actually works, I had the classic turned off
  4. Tigi

    497 HATS

    bug in combination hat # C (crown) + hat # hC (classic) = hat # CC and here is a bug added crown but no classic added http://scr.hu/50ic/prv2f
  5. Tigi

    Powers Speed

    Hello, I came up with the idea that you could change the speed of the emoticon animation Example: (hula # speed # Wxx) where xx is the speed from -9 (slow) to +9 (fast)
  6. Tigi

    GetPowers update

    Maybe update the getpower of Collection http://prntscr.com/l3iy93
  7. Tigi

    Wiki Gback

    Hi. Wrong name of emoticon in gback from kawaii (kwpopcicle)

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