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  1. dljetarora

    What’s Your Social Media?

    i am using Facebook and LinkedIn
  2. dljetarora

    xat Mobile, İOS and Android Price difference !

    You are right market Purchase from xat Mobile Application [ANDROİD] cheaper [İOS] more expensive
  3. dljetarora

    New Chrome's layout

    Chrome is a product of Google and always been update time to time for user-friendly and this feature soon out for all users
  4. dljetarora


    ey all, thanks Navith You is great user thank you... Good luck with bgs!!
  5. dljetarora

    What is your Favorite Color ?

    Love Black
  6. dljetarora

    What's your favorite Movie?

    Mission impossible Series and Die Hard Custom Software Development
  7. dljetarora

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Summer by calvin
  8. dljetarora

    Redirect %chatname to HTML5

    Which app version and will it working with the latest version

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