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  1. definitely XD no hate just love :)))
  2. yes it's the description of bump power but im just suggesting a new kind of bump :)) and i agree with @6 "I think that by sending a wave smiley it should have some kind of audie effects, eg: (wave#roar) plus the shake effect from the Bump power." no hate just love :)))
  3. The Wave power allows you to "wave" a user's private chat to get their attention. When you wave a user, the private chat lock turns blue. The chat shakes and plays a loud noise. To wave a user, type (wave) in their private chat. You cannot wave someone unless they have you added, or you are a higher rank than the user. Ps: it's like bump power but let's make it more accurate and cope up with wave in social media (facebook) suggesting .... no hate :)))
  4. suggesting... what if we have a search button in powers (eg. click the user and click powers then type what power you want to see and click search) to find powers easily... http://i65.tinypic.com/akcuqd.png http://i66.tinypic.com/wwcl5s.png thoughts??
  5. jump between chat at random? just like boot? Boot a user to another chat <<< NOTE YOU HAVE TO BE AN OWNER OR MODERATOR TO USE THIS POWER! Boot a user to another chat. To boot click on the user and choose kick, there is a box to enter the group to kick them to e.g. "Illusion". If you boot people to inappropriate rooms or otherwise abuse the power it is a violation of the terms and you will forfeit the power. More info what if, portalfx let you transfer to ban pool (eg. To use Portal, click a user's name then the "Ban" option. Type a reason and click "Portal".) just like zap power Suggesting, no hate just love
  6. end of conversation XD just suggesting
  7. Yes i'm also wondering if SuperFX will be a collection and also suggesting SuperAnimal/s 'coz we have many animal power
  8. So you mean all xatters/traders that has EVERYPOWER will only get SUPEREPIC? 'coz everypower needs all powers including epics http://i63.tinypic.com/30tjvhe.jpg < Epic powers
  9. i suggest not hahaha look at the smileys meow = cat = animal XD
  10. but the minimon and ghostmon smileys are not?? from anime (i think?) ... legit anime piracy = One Piece
  11. piracy can also be an anime .. look at the one piece, they are pirates so piracy = anime adding shinobi (ninja), naruto shippuden are also anime so it means that shinobi = anime don't get me wrong xD just saying what i know btw i think ricebowl is needed for superanime, since anime characters are eating on it so ricebowl = anime?? and also ceebear was removed from the collection of superanime https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Superanime <
  12. i think cadet and minimon doesn't need in anime look at the smileys
  13. suggesting shinobi oids /// [super(?) ]
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