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  1. I know this sounds crazy, but imagine if somehow xat could pull off the emoji's you use on your iPhone! Mixing them with hands and making crazy emoji combinations! I don't know, just a late night idea. EDIT; I just read the rules for suggesting, I will try and work on a graphic concept and provide it.
  2. Hello, My name is Andrew. I originally joined xat back in 2012, after religiously being on this site daily for about a year and a half I decided to take a break from the site. Well fast forward to 2018 and I return! I would like to acquire trustworthy and friendly staff for one of my chats, xat.com/Supreme I promote the chat multiple hours 7 Days a week! Pc/Pm me or reply to this thread if interested. Have a good day you all (:
  3. xat.com/Supreme | Xats Official Hypebeast chat!

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