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  1. https

    Textgrad Power

    I agree with 6. Too many colors in the chat could cause people with epilepsy to have seizures.
  2. https


    Way to make others feel left out that cannot afford to buy expensive powers.
  3. Sitting on xat with depression.
  4. I was never friends with him but I remember him many times on xat in the good old days 2011-2012. R.I.P. Brian/Andrew.
  5. https

    Win Koffee

    savagedude (1528982527) mermy (1521479344) I am married to her.
  6. https

    Indigenous power

    I like that suggestion.
  7. https

    What is your favorite Video Game?

    Right now I have a fully upgraded facility, fully upgraded bunker, 2 apartments and 1 house. I have a Hydra and other Pegasus vehicles that I own. I especially have the fully upgraded Khanjali. My account is worth over $60 million in-game content. I also have $500k in my bank at the moment. Make sure to login to GTA online between June 11-14 to get $250k for free! You just have to login for a few minutes.
  8. https

    What is your favorite Video Game?

    I'm rank 398. Working towards rank 400 at the moment. I mostly play adversary modes as they earn you the most amount of money if you grind long enough. What rank are you? Also, what activities do you play the most as well?
  9. https

    499 KOFFEE

    Fair enough. You're the only user that actually explains context on forum really well!
  10. https

    What is your favorite Video Game?

    Mine is GTA V I mostly play the online version. It's a little boring right now, but oh well. What's your favorite video game?
  11. https

    499 KOFFEE

    Yes I know, xat.wiki/coffee but why make the same power twice?
  12. https

    499 KOFFEE

    The name makes me cringe, but nice power!
  13. https

    Group power (rankself)

    Perhaps you can type /rr main to become main owner again into the chat.
  14. https

    Group power (rankself)

    I believe the ranks are temp at least until the main owner presses the (chat box settings) button again to become main. I feel like this power could be useful to users that wanna play around with ranks and hide as certain ones. Not everyone likes to have the same rank forever.
  15. https

    Group power (rankself)

    Your name idea sounds better!

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