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  1. my chatroom is https://xat.com/konsurin
  2. for example https://xat.com/radio_m_santos
  3. please help me how I can put it https://prnt.sc/t2jziv on xat chatroom. i can not find this code
  4. and please add avater or picture in tool too. thank you
  5. please add button . tool. in channel tool may be have "Generator" that have Name(glow/grad/color) Letters generator: RADIO PLAYER Fairtrade Find user id Find username for example https://prnt.sc/t0jd8r thank you
  6. very good. should have picture or avartar radio many type for The selection. thank you.Waiting with excitement
  7. hi I suggest radio xat . shoutcast statistics with a photo . and member can be put ip and port and text color amount listener. so it is easy for everyone. and we can see name song / name pj. for example https://prnt.sc/t04nah https://prnt.sc/t04qdv
  8. I want my clock to show emotion and feeling .
  9. new suggestion of powers Hi everyone! I have suggestion new power named “clock” . I hope that this power makes name very interesting. For type 5 if it can rotate, it make power interesting. For Clock pendulum if pendulum can swing, it is very good. And type 1 if we click on the top and there are chick that fly out of egg same (egg) that it make power cute. http://prntscr.com/jmcbg6 http://prntscr.com/jmcblz
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