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  1. Leandro thinks a little before writing, and learns to read, I want my ticket to be answered, they are only blocking me for being a merchant, as I can understand about fraudulent activities and nobody has answered anything. That is the problem of you who just want to cover everything and not face their mistakes, the only thing I want is to answer my ticket I will not be waiting for my answer for an unfair answer I invested a lot of my life to be unjustly blocked , I explained that I am a merchant and gave a clear example, but they do not unlock me. I have been with my ticket for almost 2 years
  2. MISTER I want to prove my innocence, they do not answer my ticket. the only thing I want is for them to tell me what I did, since I do not know what I did exactly, I only trade and I think it was because of that but they have to tell me to prove my innocence, or I could do tests that I can show if I do not even know what I did
  3. First of all, almost 2 years ago I opened my ticket: http://prntscr.com/ks8cit I do not know the reason for my blockade, but I think it's because I was a powers trader, I used to sell and buy and also raise the price of power, which I do not think is illegal since I buy limited powers at a price and little by little I get together and raise their prices and I sell them more expensive than the price that went out in the store, and then the power goes down in price since it is limited it can go up and down and people hate me for that. I do not think it's a reason for me to be blocked j
  4. the volunteers told me that I would only wait for a reply that soon they would respond to me, they passed 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, until now, 1 year has passed and nothing has happened.
  5. Hello I waited more than 1 year to receive an answer on my ticket and it does not reach some people respond in 2 weeks or a month and I waited 1 year and they do not respond or even show me the reason Claro of my blockade to prove my innocence my blockade It has been a mistake. I'm in xat for 10 years almost at the beginning and it's not possible for me to do this. I am not a friend nor do I have friends who are friends of the volunteers maybe that is why other people respond faster I do not have anyone only respect the rules of the ticket I have been patient but 1 year has passed and it
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