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    It's been 1 year and they do not answer my ticket

    the volunteers told me that I would only wait for a reply that soon they would respond to me, they passed 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, until now, 1 year has passed and nothing has happened.
  2. Hello I waited more than 1 year to receive an answer on my ticket and it does not reach some people respond in 2 weeks or a month and I waited 1 year and they do not respond or even show me the reason Claro of my blockade to prove my innocence my blockade It has been a mistake. I'm in xat for 10 years almost at the beginning and it's not possible for me to do this. I am not a friend nor do I have friends who are friends of the volunteers maybe that is why other people respond faster I do not have anyone only respect the rules of the ticket I have been patient but 1 year has passed and it does not seem fair to me days I have also lost my powers I do not know if they are still. my account Virginiaxd (1525484692) help me please.

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