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  1. Very cool power! I also like 6’s examples. Here is a photo of petroglyphs I took in one of the caves in Puerto Rico: The Taino Indians carved these drawings over 500 years ago
  2. Hi again!! It’s day 10 out of 30, and I am back with contest numero dos Who’s ready?! I’m ready *Spongebob voice* Ok in all seriousness, rules of this contest are the same as contest 1 with a few differences. No negative remarks, be positive and genuine. The winner(s) will be elected based on how genuine and impactful the message is to the community. Anything that feels forced or scripted will not be effective for this contest. Please submit your response with your xat regname and xat ID, as well as the xat regname and ID of the person you mention or tag in your post. You cannot
  3. Well, this is officially the end of Contest 1! Again, I thank everyone for participating. All of these comments were very thoughtful, so it was rather difficult for us judges to choose one winner. However, we decided @Lemona wins this one! She provided us with several different ways on how to be supportive and make a positive impact, such as “doing random acts of kindness” and “treating others with respect”. The song was also a very nice touch. Please contact @Sydno to claim your prize! Congratulations Although she won, I believe everyone here are winners. You are th
  4. Hola!! I’d also like to thank everyone who participated in this first contest. I really enjoyed reading each and every one of these comments. In fact, I found myself looking back at the comments to use them as daily reminders and to shed some light on my dark moments. As Danns said, they filled me with positive emotions and I hope others felt the same as well. Whenever I felt down or so low to the point of giving up, I tend to ask myself these particular questions: What can I do to not feel this way? How can I remain positive and not give up? Or if I know someone who has similar t
  5. Spiders and failing to live a fulfilling life
  6. Cueva Ventana - Arecibo, Puerto Rico Las Cuevas De Camuy - Lares, Puerto Rico Balneario Punta Salinas - Toa Baja, PR Outside of family house - Bayamón, PR Flamenco Beach - Culebra, PR Next 3 Pics are of the San Juan National Historic Site (Castillo San Felipe Del Morro & Castillo San Cristóbal) - San Juan, PR Niagra Falls at night - Niagra Falls, New York Next 3 photos were taken in Albany, New York & the sunflower was taken somewhere in a field I found during the summer 🙃🌻
  7. @J0hn Can you put my name Mia anywhere on the 4th pcback please? These are really cute. Thank you for sharing
  8. Pcback Text: nature & Mia with or without ID (221192). You can put them anywhere that looks good Colors: text color can be a light purple gradient or clear. Background: anything nature related, just want it to look peaceful & aesthetic 🙃🌻. thank you in advance, Rexella
  9. Aww good job, nice post :)) where are you from ? @Fori
  10. I have watched The Flash and Supergirl as well. They are pretty good, although it’s been some time since I’ve watched them. But I’d have to say my favorite was Smallville. I believe that’s where it all started, but I could be wrong
  11. Real madrid is gonna win this one. 3-2 Ronaldo: 3 Salah: 2 Ronaldo and Salah get a double then Bale will get the third Madrid to score first nature (221192)
  12. Loving these comments so far everyone!! Thank you <3 very uplifting
  13. Hi all, Over the next 30 days, I am hosting 3 different contests that serve to spread light and positivity to the xat community. Each contest will have a different question and will last 10 days. The rules are plain and simple: please no negative remarks!! Be positive and genuine. The winners will be elected based on how genuine and impactful the message is to the community. Anything that feels forced or scripted will not be effective for this contest. Please submit your response with your xat regname and xat ID. Feel free to reply to comments, adding on to what the
  14. you gotta train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or you’ll lose yourself every time . 

  15. reminder: “even if you are a small forest surviving off of moon alone, your light is extraordinary.” 


    —nayyirah waheed


  16. “ every day is a new beginning. take a deep breath & start again “



  17. miaa

    Yes or No

    Yes. Do you like ice cream?
  18. miaa


    1. Juna


      Yikes, I For real didn't pay attention 

  19. “Life is about evolving. Don’t stay in a situation thats not helping you grow mentally, spiritually, and/or emotionally.” 


    🌻 🌻 

  20. Yes I’ve met a couple people irl from xat before. They lived approximately 30 min away from me. Unfortunately they no longer come on xat. However, there are several people I have became close friends with this year who aren’t too far from me either. I hope to be meeting them soon .
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