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  1. miaa

    Happy birthday!!

    1. Marek


      Thank you (hug)

  2. miaa

    Happy birthday, hope you enjoy your day :)

  3. miaa

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU x2 *sings in Romanian* 😂

  4. Hola! This is the very last Power of Positivity Contest. It’s crazy how 20 days have passed by already! So to make a grand finale, this contest will have 2 parts :P . The rules of this contest remain the same. No negative remarks, be positive and genuine. The winner(s) will be elected based on how genuine and impactful the message is to the community. Anything that feels forced or scripted will not be effective for this contest. Please submit your response with your xat regname and xat ID.  QUESTIONS FOR CONTEST 3: (1) What can people count on you for? Stand
  5. Hello, this is officially the end of Contest 2. 10 days go by so fast I thank everyone for participating in this contest. Good to see many people making a positive impact on the community . This was a tough decision once again for us judges. But @J0hn, congratulations you win this one! Please contact @Sydno for your prize. Thank you all for nominating such wonderful people and thank you to the people who were mentioned—we highly appreciate all of the greatness you have done thus far! Stay tuned for Contest 3, the very last contest!
  6. miaa

    Win Koffee

    nature (221192) xMystic (357142695)
  7. THAT’S CRAZY. I’d like to visit there sometime, it looks like a good thrill lol. Aww yay good luck and have fun on your trip! Wish I could go too That’s right! Anyone can be a millionaire if they put the effort in. And only for a few weeks?? Where would you go afterwards?
  8. Caves and ziplining are so fun in Puerto Rico!! I hope you get the chance to experience those things ! lol i’d pay to see you dance on her show
  9. Sky diving, traveling the world, and bunjee jumping.
  10. no one on xat right now, but im married to ice cream irl 😎
  11. miaa

    happy birthday! hope you have a good one

    1. SLOom


      Thank you Mia!

  12. Hmm, I don’t think I really have a favorite. I just play whatever I’m in the mood for. GTA 5, Need for Speed, Spyro (on ps3), Crash, and Battlefield 1 are the games that I mostly play from time to time.
  13. miaa

    499 KOFFEE

    Awww this is cute , good job. ill pretend its hot chocolate/chocolate milk though
  14. miaa

    COMET 😭😭😭😭🤗

    1. Comet


      Mia 😭😭😭😭😭

    2. miaa


      cute profile pic 🙃🙃

    3. Comet


      Oh, thanks. As yours.8-)

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  15. my chinchilla just stole my ice cream. not sure how to feel about this 🤨

    1. miaa


      neverrrr ! he is my baby . #chinchillalivesmatter 😒

    2. Dann


      that's usually what RATS do when you find them behind an ally digging thru a new york dumpster. Glad you're realising your rat eats anything that its stomach can digest (: !!

    3. miaa


      😡😡😡😡 he is not a rat and wasnt found in a dumpster . chacho dame la paciencia 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  16. miaa

    Indigenous power

    LOL thats a cute animation. And the cave’s name is Cueva Ventana. There is also Cueva Del Indio, “Indian Cave”, a prehistoric rock art site. This is where the majority of the Indian drawings are
  17. miaa

    Mushrooms power

    Great job @6! I agree, these are very adorable. The pawns are unique as well. How about a mushdance? Would love to see this cutie bust out some moves
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