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  1. lmaoo they made this with you in mind for sure . Lord Pen @Addict cash me ousside how bow dah
  2. miaa


    Hahah🤣 that was fun . Didn’t even know that was going on, I just went on that chat out of boredom @Toxic
  3. im not one to write love letters or anything of that nature but i think a letter/poem to myself as a personal affirmation has been long over due so here it goes. titled: Self(ish) Love dear me, there has been fear in your heart. this fear has manifested and unraveled itself in the very form of tears and sorrow. i understand. i understand that it stings. there isn’t a day that goes by that some ounce of pain doesn’t shiver your soul. i understand. but those shivers of pain will turn into shivers of peace. shivers of content. shivers of a feeling that you are truly okay. because
  4. I have banned @Florecita for banning me and for being pretty
  5. I have banned @ANGY for being beautiful
  6. @Sydno seedno is my bffl and he puts the wonder in wonderland . hes so positive, i could write an essay on why he's so great
  7. What time you go to sleep doesn't really matter (unless it's a sudden major change in your sleep schedule, it will take time to adjust), as long as you're getting a sufficient amount of sleep every day (6-9 hours a day). Swollen eyes are caused by a variety of things, though, and not just sleep deprivation. Allergies, dehydration, infection, poor diet, stress, hormones, etc. It's important to pinpoint which of these are most likely associated with your swollen eyes so you can treat it accordingly. Stay hydrated, use eye drops (if it's allergies), reduce your sodium intake, and try cucumber s
  8. feliz cumple nicoo que te la pases bien

  9. Thanks @DonQuijote those are great!
  10. Hiiiiii! I wanted to suggest some spice to the kicks/bans because I think these would be cool and creative to see. CHANCLAKICK - When a user is kicked, the user's pawn will appear in the center of the chat and a big wooden or rubber chancla (flip-flop) would appear slapping the user's pawn away (the pawn would fly away upon being slapped). TANK (armored fighting vehicle) ban/kick - When a user is kicked/banned, the user's pawn would appear on the center of the chat and a tank would appear running/hitting down on the pawn, and a pawn would appear flat after the tank pa
  11. LOVE IT! Haha, I’m really curious to see what the chupacabra one would look like. The Yeti could be another one. Maybe have it throw snowballs
  12. I have chanclabanned @Shake. Reason: Easier said than done, I thought you were the one ..Listening to my heart instead of my head
  13. I have woodenspoon-banned @Sydno. Reason: Embrace the babyface, youre a monster in disguise
  14. I have cinturon-banned @Sydno Reason: lmao u already know you monster 😎
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