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  1. Happy bday 

  2. Maxo

    happy birthday @cynic and welcome to the forum xat 

  3. cynic

    xat Chat Background

    You're welcome!
  4. cynic

    xat Chat Background

    Just like @oj said, add me on Discord, or DM me on the Forum, otherwise you can find me on xat.com/social
  5. cynic

    xat Chat Background

    Hi! Got an Update! It's a simple basic one in a xat Themed thing. Preview: if you want it with glossy/glassy thing idk:
  6. cynic

    xat Chat Background

    Sure you can! Just let me know! Glad you like it! Thank you!
  7. Hi! I'm back, i started to try creating a chat background for xat, i hope you like it, don't be hard with me it's my first backgound :C Have Fun! They're both in a "Steam Theme". Type 1: Type 2: Previews:
  8. cynic

    Discord Showcase

    Hi! I wanna show you some discord things today. Have Fun! (They're all by 128x128 original discord size) Discord Servericon: "Material Themed" Discord Profile Picture or Servericon: "Lion Themed" Discord Profile Picture or Servericon: "Lion Themed v2" Discord Profile Picture or Servericon: "Customized P-Letter Themed" Preview of them:
  9. You can add me on Discord (elena#0074) Or write a dm here on the forum
  10. Thank you! Glad you like it.
  11. I'm glad you like it! Thank you!!!!!11
  12. Thank you! Glad you like it
  13. Hey! I wanna show you some of my Avatar's for Steam i made. Have fun! Avatar 1: ''Supreme Themed'' Avatar 2: ''Venom Themed'' Avatar 3: ''Red Glow Themed'' Avatar 4: ''Blue Glow Themed'' Avatar 5: ''Cartoon-Venom Themed'' Avatar 6: ''Yellow Glow Themed'' Avatar 7: ''Captain America/Venom Themed'' Avatar 8: ''Saitama Themed''
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