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  1. jhulyzinha33

    Ticket, no answer for > 1 month ?

    Hello, I opened a ticket on unlocking the domain, and on the wiki itself says that the response of this subject is marked as normal (something fast), but the same is not being done, what is the problem to pay attention to paid user tickets, we did not deserve a better and more qualified support? Regname: jhulyzinha33 ID: 1516674651 Create Date:08/May/2018 10:53 pm Ticket Number: <removed>
  2. jhulyzinha33

    Ticket support ticket issues / slow

    @Page Yes, I have already seen this topic, but only the first 10 have been seen and not the others, which also does not help, since in the wiki itself, this is normal for the service to unlock domain, so we do not understand this delay.
  3. jhulyzinha33

    Ticket support ticket issues / slow

    Hello, Well, we are waiting for a response from a domain release ticket and it is not being viewed, could it give some attention to it, some position of what is happening that lately the ticket service is very slow, some volunteer for us to help? Data of our ticket below: Regname/ID: jhulyzinha33 (1516674651) Number Ticket: Ticket #<removed> Good evening, Thank you very much
  4. jhulyzinha33

    Ticket open, problem already solved

    Well, I had a problem with my account, and I sent a ticket asking for the support, it was already solved and solved, but the ticket is still open .. and I can not open a new one, could someone close it? since this was requested and nothing was answered. XatID/Regname: jhulyzinha33 (1516674651) Ticket <removed> Regards,

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