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  1. Sissi

    keyed up

    De: info@xat.com <info@xat.com> Enviado: segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2018 07:51 Para: <removed email> Assunto: xat confirm device xat received a request to authorize a device. If you did not do this your account may have been compromised and you should change your xat account password. To authorize the device please click here: <removed link> Authorize device xat.com Authorize device by browser I can not access the ticket as I will respond and the link was to exchange
  2. Sissi

    keyed up

    My love in browser, I can not open my ticket, and the link they sent me via email does not open
  3. Sissi

    keyed up

    I lost my cell phone with this I lost the authenticator to enter my account a friend opened a ticket for me because in any browser my password password entry asked for help a boy here he said I did not answer the right questions answered yes ai me they sent a link that does not open it all by email and I can not open my ticket because in none of them I put my account name only the password my xat is Simonesissi 767215260 http://prntscr.com/jg40ct will not the arrow to fill there in any browser in my not
  4. Sissi

    keyed up

    Complicated coming here and not having help

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