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  1. The problem is that with the powers you are able to have a very active market, both in demand and in supply. And also people with low income from xats, can participate with peace of mind, contrary to what they offer in the '' IDS ''. With IDS, the market is very scarce, you see some people announcing the sale and having little demand. Maybe 2 auctions of ID'S per year is the right one, since the ID'S market does not help much.
  2. 4 months is not enough time to have another auction yet, maybe two auctions a year with a different time period of 6 months each, it is a good auction.
  3. Yes, but for that, you will need to open a ticket in the '' email change / hint '' department all in English, a subject with more than 5 words. However it is not necessary, but if you want, follow what I said above.
  4. Precisely because it is hotmail, this type of problem ends up happening. The email may take a long time to arrive or appear elsewhere in your email. That's why xat asks you to create your account and associate it with gmail, in addition to being better, that kind of thing doesn't happen.
  5. Hi. This is a common case to happen, you just need to check your spam / trash box, try to search also through the email search browser, put '' xat.com '' and everything will appear. If you still can't find the link, clear your browser's caches, close and open it again. So the email will arrive. Any questions, send me a private message.
  6. Hello. If you remember your account email, just go to xat.com/login and go to "I forgot my password / username" there you put the email and you will receive a message via email informing you about it . If you have lost access to the email, please send a ticket, as I will inform you below. You will have to create a new account and open a ticket in the "Lost access" department. In the ticket you inform the registration / ID of your account that has lost access. Remembering that the subject of the ticket must contain 5 words, answers only in English.
  7. I liked the idea. Compared there are some ideas that have already been made from powers groups, this one seems to be more '' creative ''. As our friend said above, know in more detail the reason for your ban in a specific way and the time to be unbanned. It can also be analyzed whether the main owner of xat would like such a user "registered or unregistered" to see the time that was banned. He himself would configure it in the edit and choose the option that only registered users can see the time / reason. So those who go just to torment (without registration) would
  8. Hola Tendrá que crear una nueva cuenta y abrir un ticket en el departamento de " Lost Acess ". En el ticket creado, deberá explicar que ha perdido el acceso a su correo electrónico. Recordando que con una nueva cuenta creada deberá informar al registro / ID de su cuenta que ha perdido el acceso al correo electrónico. El asunto del boleto debe tener más de 5 palabras, así que verifique todo antes de "enviar el boleto". Si necesita algún problema, puede enviarme un MP (Mensaje Privado) o responder su tema a continuación.
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  10. envíame una print de tu error No necesitas abrir otro tema para hablar del mismo tema, retrata todo en el primero que abriste, así es más fácil responderte o enviarme un mensaje en privado.
  11. Puedes abrir tu ticket en el departamento de '' payment problems'', recordando que es necesario ser usuario de pago, haber comprado a través de '' buy '' para enviar el ticket. En asunto, ponga 5 o más palabras (asunto de su ticket) en un mensaje que describa lo sucedido, envíe y espere su respuesta. Es necesario enviar el ticket en inglés y la respuesta también en inglés. Haga click aquí <
  12. slint


    Hello, since your other ticket has been reopened, wait until it is answered. Due to the large number of tickets to be answered, some end up taking a long time, try to contact a volunteer through a private message on the forum or on xat itself about the subject.
  13. su número de identificación de cuenta.
  14. Hola, por haber realizado este intercambio de ciudad e internet, tu cuenta terminó siendo bloqueada. Debido a esto, se debe abrir un boleto para que se desbloquee su cuenta. Haga clic aquí < ingrese la información de su cuenta y listo.
  15. This idea is cool, we have something similar in the xat loja, with ID'S that people put the ID that wants to sell the price or offer and put the ID next to it. I liked the idea of having a page for people looking for some specific powers.
  16. slint

    Ice Pawn

    As has been said in other topics about new pawns, it is very difficult to have a new one now, as they are very satisfied with the ones they have. The idea is a good one, it can be analyzed and evaluated, but it may take a while to be realized, as "pawns" would not be a priority at the moment.
  17. slint


    is as you said it may be a browser problem, try on the other. Google chrome, this sometimes happens. See if there is no update pending it, otherwise try to use another browser.
  18. System problem (55) means that your account is held indefinitely, blocking all outgoing trades and transfers and you'll have to open a ticket under "Account Block" to find out why it is placed in your account and possibly get it removed. To open it, after successfully logged in, do the steps below: Open a new ticket here; Type your username and password; Type the e-mail associated with the account that you have the problem; Select the help topic "Account Block"; Type the subject, remember it has to be at least 5 words; Type the message describing your issue; And click on open
  19. Yes, an activation link for your xat will be sent to your email. If you did not receive the email, wait 30 minutes for it to be sent, check your inbox / trash.
  20. they are words to describe your group, if your xat is just for talking, meeting new people, you put words like (friends, talk). The words must be in accordance with your language. To facilitate the search for whoever wants to access your xat.
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