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  1. Parabéns boohzada, felicidades, saúde, amor e paz na sua vida.

    birthday grandma GIF by ViralHog

    1. Justo


      obrigado mano 30tou e sextou

  2. happy birthday crazy.


    standing ovation clap GIF

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you (blowkiss)

  3. slint

    Happy Valentine's day, my love.
    My love for you is infinite, spending this day by your side, it grows even more. i love you my love ♥

    Happily Ever After Couple GIF by Florens Debora

  4. Considering Rise Of The Guardians GIF by DreamWorks Animation

    1. Kale


      A vida é assim mesmo, jovem! 

  5. slint

    Amazing six months together love, I want to thank you for all the days we spend together sleeping, waking up, and remind you that I am the happiest man in the world, you are everything to me my love, I love you, happy dating anniversary ♥

    I Love You GIF by Chippy the Dog

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    2. slint


      Eu gado ela e ela me Gada 

      julio cocielo GIF by Canal Canalha

    3. Page


      Da ban nesse lamingo ai

    4. Kale


      Parabéns meus amigos! ♥

  6. slint

    I Love You GIF

    1. Page


      I love you honey, I love you so much ♾ 

  7. Happy Mother's Day, for those who are mothers and take care of their family, for those who play the role of mother, and also for everyone who does not have a mother present, but considers uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandpa, father, brothers and any other relative. On that day, you are all mothers, take care and love.

  8. slint

    I Love You Cat GIF by swerk

                Happy 5 months my love ♥

    1. Page


      ❤️ I love you so so so so muuuuch

  9. The orchestra of life has to continue.

  10. slint


  11. slint


  12. Never back down. 

  13. e.e  

    1. Jean



    2. slint


      estou aprendendo contigo


    Ma dame, aujourd'hui je vais gagner Que tu regardes tout cela arriver.

  15. Make it happen.

  16. Anything can happen when you’re willing to do everything to make it happen.

  17. maybe it’s just fate

  18. Parabéns mlkão,  que um dia tu trabalhe na NASA. Tudo de bom pra tu parceiro abrçs (hippo)

    1. xLaming


      kkkkk oloko NASA n me quer n, vlw loko :$ 

  19. blá blá blá



    1. Luig


      Evo luiu ♫

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