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  1. This problem happens when you are logged in to xat and your internet has a routine crash, so your account is logged in to xat until someone with a higher position kicks to unlock it from xat. If you don't have anyone online right now, you'll have to wait a few minutes for it to automatically exit.
  2. you have been warned numerous times that player with '' iframe '' are not allowed on xatradio. It is not mentioned in the rules, but everyone who sent their players to '' xatradio '' has been warned about it, including you who are warned daily.
  3. The orchestra of life has to continue.

  4. slint

    New Pawn Colors

    they have already given some pawn suggestions in the past and as has been said it is very difficult because there are enough pawns already
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  6. my favorite power is BLUEMAN and SUBHIDE.
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  8. The reserve leaves over time, releasing xats in your account for trading. If you want to better understand your reservation, you can send a ticket to the '' payment problems '' department. To open a ticket in this department it is necessary to be a paying user, that is, to have purchased at the time of buy.
  9. Hola, te aconsejo que reportes xat a través del método `` inapropiado '' que mostraré en las imágenes a continuación. abra el chat que desea denunciar, en la esquina superior derecha busque la palabra '' grupo '' haga clic en ella y luego haga clic en '' inapropiado '' Se abrirá una pestaña para denunciar xat, allí pondrás los motivos de la denuncia y las pruebas al respecto. Luego simplemente haga clic en '' enviar ''
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  11. Never back down. 

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    I Love You Illustration GIF by MaggieRAPT

    1. slint


      I love you so much, my love ♥

  13. e.e  

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      estou aprendendo contigo

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