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    Please help me i get stolen 1103 dollars

    Please I was buying xats from a girl with name Amy <removed> For 2,6 dolar 1k xats 1103 dollars for 424k xats with western union buy i sent the money and she did not answer me and the blocked me in whatsapp and she off since this day .I have the pictures of the western union papers that have her name and certification received payment. <removed> <removed> <removed> I open a ticket but not answer.I think it will take a long time please help.I do not know what to do and she is waiting me to let is go because she was online every day on trade/cambio since many years and i bought from her many times before but not whit this amount thast why i trusted her but now she is offline since that day.Maybe you can know another id. My id name:monicaarevalos my id:(1512624808)

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