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  1. chat loads but immediately disappears and just shows message (but NO recaptcha to solve before): {"error":" **The reCAPTCHA wasn't entered correctly. Please try again. (reCAPTCHA said<\/span>: )**<\/strong><\/p> \n"}
  2. Thank you. I just would like to add that for me it didn't make any difference whether I was registered/logged in or not when trying to use HTML5 chat. Also, which flash chat captcha issue, if I may ask? I've never had one pop up there.
  3. Sadly, the HTML5 version is basically unusable for some, as whenever I complete the captcha, the moment the chat is signed back in, it immediately jumps back to the captcha. It just needs to have more tolerance. While I once actually managed to send a message to appear in the chat window as well as change username and avatar on another occasion (not the same, I'm not taht fast between two captchas), the captcha returned nevertheless the very same moment Please correct this. :(
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