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  1. Hello, Sorry but this is not the right place to report a chat ban, all you should have done is contact the main owner of the chat by clicking message at the bottom right below the chat and discuss it with him, maybe you shouldn't have said that because there are maybe religious people out there, and probably listed in their rules that you shouldn't be disrespectful hence you were banned.
  2. Basel


    Since they allowed the transaction then there is no decline anymore I believe, now all you have to do is wait for a confirmation email of your purchase, if you received an email re login to your account to receive the xats otherwise if you don't receive your xats or confirmation email, then you will have to create a ticket under "payment problems" department.
  3. Tienes que crear un ticket en "locked out" departamento, enviar un mensaje privado a los voluntarios su nombre registrado o la identificación. Debes tener acceso al correo electrónico relacionado con su cuenta bloqueada. https://forum.xat.com/staff/ (voluntarios)
  4. Basel

    Account Held

    I don't think the name would be released for the most part, a lot of people come back to xat after a long time away, sorry if I disappoint you it's a bit risky, if administrators decided to put the name for sale what if the original owner came back, you talk as though there won't be that day when the original owner decides to come back, you were refunded and that was the good part and your problem got fixed but on the other hand we don't want to create a problem for the owner of that name or they will then bug out over xat about their name being put for sale, and then talk about how their name got removed for just being inactive and whatnot, it's however the decision of administrators😄
  5. Yes there is a way to do it, and you're on the right place to request a ticket since there's an issue with creating tickets under some departments, you will be wanting to give your id number or the registered name of your account also you have to have full access to the email associated with your locked out account. Here's a list of volunteers that you can contact with: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Eventually this thread will be looked at anyway by some volunteers that can help you create the ticket!
  6. Your chat is likely deleted due to breaking the rules of promotion these rules apply on promoted chats and non-promoted chats also the rules can be viewed (here), note that your question about the deletion of your chat shows how you're concerned with the problem or that you feel regrettable of what you did if you already know what caused your chat to be excluded from xat.com, however, the chat may or may not be un-deleted or be back to the lists of other chats, more generally it just depends on what you have done to get your chat deleted, that doesn't mean that administrators are lenient but some mistakes are forgettable and some are not, for example in my opinion if you exploited your chat for publishing inappropriate stuff like nudity and that through it then I think that one is not forgettable while if it got deleted due to just minor stuff it will be in most cases un-deleted and you will be given a second chance. Anyway you have to create a ticket as stated above and be patient while waiting for the response check your email from time to time to see if you receive any emails, it appears that Chat Block department is okay and not busy so it's not going to be a long wait! Good luck, if you have any other questions post a new thread!
  7. Hello, Well predominantly there will be no refunds as xat doesn't recommend users to purchase from other users, the safest way is to purchase from xat at buy Also see what does the terms and conditions say here about that: And please remove any personal information from the thread if you have any!
  8. You will be a paid user when you receive a confirmation email of the payment, it's likely that you have to wait till you receive that email then create the ticket afterward, but at the meantime give it a try and don't leave it as is, try to contact one of the volunteers about the payment you made earlier and ask them to create a ticket for you give them your registered name or/and the id number associated with the account you purchased the xats with.
  9. You can cancel a payment at ticket create the ticket with the account associated with the payment you've made under the department "General Question or Concern". You have to be a paid user.
  10. Hello, I want you to look at this thread: https://forum.xat.com/topic/6764-ticket-no-answer-for-1-month/ if your ticket hasn't been answered in over a month then post your id or registered name there hopefully you receive a response from someone. Tickets are answered in the same order they were received, as for your other account being blocked, if that's an indefinite hold then there are several reasons why you were held, the first is that you probably were held in error, two you probably received stolen items hence you were held to prevent the stolen items from being transferred to this and that, three you probably didn't commit to the terms and conditions of xat: https://xat.com/terms.html .So there are several reasons it doesn't have to be that you've done something against the terms and conditions, however, at the end you will receive a response as soon as a volunteer finishes the other tickets which were received prior to your ticket!
  11. The possible reason for this deletion is because people don't always commit to the terms and conditions of xat listed (here), Some say it could be for being inactive for long periods, which I doubt this would be the reason in your case, accounts don't get deleted for being inactive on xat especially you said that you paid money on your accounts! However you can simply just create a ticket or get a volunteer to create one for you to know what was the reason! On one hand you will get a response for your problem, you will get your account back hopefully as long as you haven't done anything that violates terms and conditions of xat but on the other hand you will have to wait for that response a good amount of time, don't be impatient tickets that fall under the following departments (Account hold, block, report scam or phishing site) which can be found on (here) are having a high volume of tickets, they are sent roughly on daily basis, they are answered in the same order they were received in. Again hopefully you get your account back and good luck! If you have any other questions or inquiries post them here if about another topic then create a new thread!
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