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  1. Talys

    solution for ticket delays?

    hello to all xat users! Really the delay of responses of tickets, It is discouraged many users of xat this is not news. I've been thinking of a way for this solution, In what way? departments like "account blocked" account hold "these are examples, administrators could put these tickets to be adjusted automatically, not as" report scam / phishing that needs more care! it would be possible ? It costs nothing to think, Thanks for the attention of all, please without answers that will not add up
  2. Talys

    New power (panda)

    I really liked the idea.
  3. Talys

    @Admin perdie a esperança!

    Ola bom dia @Diogorabelo45 Realmente existe uma falta de atenção para esse departamento, pois existe muita demanda de tickets para poucos voluntarios. Sobre o administrador responder a tal, Por favor aguarde mais um pouco tenha paciência , bom dia !!
  4. Talys

    Inquiries about HTML5

    Hello @arthur, I used my password without the symbol, it worked perfectly to transfer, thank you friend!
  5. Talys

    Ticket, no answer for > 1 month ?

    Ticket # Talys400 (409376398)
  6. Talys

    491 BIRDIE

    I liked it a lot, the pawns and the smiles, very good power
  7. Talys

    Inquiries about HTML5

    Hello lafleur, unfortunately the transfer is not working, it shows the error "bad password" I logged in, the problem is not my password yes a bug maybe, yes the chat bug and that same, I hope I have helped
  8. Talys


    Ola diogo ! Realmente existe uma demora para resposta de tickets , existe poucos voluntarios para muitos tickets , nao tem tempo previsto para ser respondido o que resta e aguarda. fique ligado no seu email principalmente !
  9. Talys

    Inquiries about HTML5

    I'm really enjoying the html5, but I'm still waiting for actions like trade and transfers, problems like the bug in the private chat will also be solved, plus I see html5 as the evolution of xat 2018
  10. Talys

    PayPal no longer a method of purchasing?

    hello hello, this problem is also happening to me, I also expect a reply or a solution