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  1. Happy birthday Bruxinhotrade  (hug)



  2. happy birthday GIF

    exitos y que sea un dia super! 

  3. Happy Birthday bro (hug)


    Celebrate Happy Birthday GIF by Riza G

  4. Happy birthday Bruxi’ 

    Enjoy your day. 🎂🎉

  5. Happy birthday Bruxinhotrade  (hug) 

  6. Muchísimas felicidades feito 🤗image.thumb.png.f9b0a88aa4bc87202f69625b0642826c.png

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    2. Marya


      Yah yoh right 

      All good staff are going one by one ..

      @6 @Angeline @Vale @ so many... 

      I don’t write more bro need a book (ok)

    3. Maxo


      Sometimes i see angeline still coming, Bella is busy with her life now 

    4. Maxo


      Happy birthday @Bruxinhotrade best wishes and @Vale come back honey the history should be renewed hhhh

  7. Happy birthday bro, ❤️

  8. Happy Birthday bro(hug)


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  9. Thank you @ senhor I received my award, and thank you to all the contributors ...
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