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  1. I was having a phone with my authentication account and I can not open a ticket because I have an open ticket that I can do that I can not log in thanks for your help
  2. addo11

    I have problems with my new chat

    Since March I have been open to tickets and nothing ..... I have active chat supporters 15 users we are generally 30, 40
  3. I had a chat xat.com/addo told me to get you out of groups because it's like images like ban, etc last week I bought another chat xat.com/adoo just not seen in groups ??? why do you guys beat my work and the users, or am I too stupid and I do not know how to buy a chat? tickete I have not made anything concrete since March unless you are able to solve these problems please let you resign from volunteers Please nice to give you the strength and to solve my problem I'm tired of putting money into xat.com and not solving anything
  4. I did 2 tickets to you I wrote that my chat is not deleted or banat and then why does not my chate show up populated or suported ??? please be nice to take measures I have 3 chats bought from xat.com and all I'm running xat.com/addo, xat.com/xaddo and xat.com/addofm please be nice to take the attitude I've put my euro in these chats ok if it is deleted I want a reply yes it is deleted or baned or delistat, although you answered that it is not wrong with my chat .....

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