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  1. Potato

    Win Koffee

    Six9 (97122289) Married to Desire (14369143) (4 years and 3 days )
  2. Potato

    Contest #10: Win the FOOLS power!

    Depression (180036235)
  3. I believe someone worthy and deserving would be @oj Aka Austin I see him on xat5 Help and fexbots and he's always willing to help someone without asking anything in return and not just for the sole purpose of gaining rank on an official chat. I don't personally know him but I am a good judge of character and I never see him spreading any negativity
  4. Potato

    Mushrooms power

    I love these drawings
  5. Potato

    Zoom2 power

  6. Potato

    Zoom2 power

    Could be a boost or a power. I would just like the feature added. If you put just 1 image zoom will work as it does now. If you add a 2nd image then the 2nd image will appear as the 80x80 image when the smaller 30x30 image is hovered over. I'll work on an image example. Give me a few
  7. Hey :$

    1. Potato


      Hey bby :$

  8. Potato

    (Ok) smiley bug

    If I type (ok) it shows this. https://prnt.sc/jonvom Didn't know where to post this, the bug thread is closed. Edit: Android btw
  9. -bugs you to answer tickets now- Jokes(maybe). Congrats!
  10. Potato

    497 HATS

    Nice to see some of these new hats have an animated effect. Really gives value to what the price is in my opinion.
  11. Potato

    Zoom2 power

    Namegrad and namewave seemed messy and confusing too at first but was easy to get used to. The point of the power is to replace the zoomed image with a 2nd image.
  12. Potato

    Zoom2 power

    Didn't think about that, thank you. The code could be: IMGURL1<z2>IMGURL2#pcgback
  13. Potato

    Contest #10: Win the FOOLS power!

    Depression (180036235)
  14. Potato

    497 HATS

    @Admin Animated fire on top the the pawn's head Could be black and red and the red could be changed into different colors. ------------- An astronaut helmet ------------- Some hat ideas I thought of
  15. That is one they could legit use tbh

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