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  1. On 12/6/2018 at 2:17 PM, LaFleur said:

    Thanks for the feedback, Moist.


    Could you give an example, what kind of content? Where would they submit it from?


    How would the user get selected?

    User submitted content


    I feel it could be a wide variety of options in regards to content.


    An example of xat related content.

    • Things that have happened or is happening around the xat community. Recent events or upcoming events that have/are happening.
    • Possible ideas users have come up with that would benefit all of the community.
    • We could even go as far as submitting funny/interesting/facts that would help keep users enjoying or interested to see what new things are to come from user submits.

    An example of non-xat related content.

    • Memes that users enjoy or have created themselves keep in mind it has to stay appropriate.
    • Personal fun facts about the user who submits to allow them to introduce or let others get to know them.
    • Events or social gatherings they would like to host.


    Overall my idea for this is to have users feel involved or as if they are more apart of the xat community and feel welcomed and/or so to speak "important". I feel it would help keep users intrigued as it is something new that can really take off. There is so many more opportunities for this feature then I have listed that can be very fun! :)




    xat User Spotlight


    The user could be selected from a poll taken by the user base OR by members of the staff. (Vols, Contributors, Official chat staff, forum staff, OR WE COULD EVEN POSSIBLY CREATE A SIMPLE TEAM THAT RUNS THE POLLS). Another way is by setting requirements needed to  be added to this list. Examples can include but are not limited to; Doing something that benefits the community. Acquiring points from doing certain actions. Having being nominated the most times and the top X amount of people are then added to the poll/raffle.


    How the users are added to polls.


    • Nominations from the community.
    • Staff nominations
    • Have users submit their names and have a random draw to select a user
    • Many more options

    I would be more then willing to give more examples or sit down and talk further details about this. Thanks for showing interest in these ideas. Looking forward to  hearing back from you. 

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