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  1. Awesome release Danny, got some great resources in there. Definitely will be of help to many people. Good Job man!!
  2. I am using html5 chats and i cannot see my own nameglow or namecolor but almost everyone else can. Ihave relogged and cleared cache etc with no luck.
  3. I met Jamie almost 9 years ago, and he was always there for me when I needed it.. Actually he was even there when it wasn't needed but he still was always one to make good of a bad situation. One of the realest guys I have had the pleasure to be friends with... His jokes were over the top but that was why everyone loved ya. Jamie was the type of person to put everyone before him to make sure they were good. Always thinking of you buddy, you left an imprint in so many peoples lives.... You may be gone but you live on in all our hearts. Miss you bro, Gone but NEVER forgotten. Love ya
  4. One of Them Days.. How is everyone doing?

    1. Geordie


      doing good bro you 

    2. Moist


      Better days in the future but overall I guess not "too" bad. Thanks

  5. User submitted content I feel it could be a wide variety of options in regards to content. An example of xat related content. Things that have happened or is happening around the xat community. Recent events or upcoming events that have/are happening. Possible ideas users have come up with that would benefit all of the community. We could even go as far as submitting funny/interesting/facts that would help keep users enjoying or interested to see what new things are to come from user submits. An example of non-xat related content. Memes th
  6. This is on my favorite songs, and they really make it special with their version of it! It is a MUST HEAR song!!!
  7. Very well done on the drawings.. As for the suggestion I think it's perfect. Great work.
  8. What's your favorite sports team? I'm a huge and I mean HUGE Toronto Maple Leafs fan!!! GO LEAFS GO!
  9. All about that gold!! lol (for now) Most times I prefer purple lol
  10. You do great work with gifs. Keep it up! P.S I want a text gif like your signiture. Like how the lettes come from smoke. Contact me when you can Moist (71793878)
  11. Mainly xat.com but I am going to get active on forums. Will contribute graphics & resources when I can. And am going to do contests regularly to give back to the community
  12. Hello xat, I was thinking about this post alot today and came up with some ideas. These are my ideas, let me know all your thoughts. Tell stories about the history/timeline of xat including major launches, milestones and other major events from the past - present. Behind-the-Scenes posts. Let the xat community get to know the xat team in a different way then most may know. xat topic related or off topic. Examples could be: Things that recently have happened in the xat teams life that others may find interest in. Selfies of use
  13. Moist


    I legit like this idea... would be cool to see implemented
  14. Moist


    Moist (1337102424)
  15. Hey Awesome thanks for the contest! I have mailed you using the chat bots, and PM'd you thanks again.
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