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  1. Disclaimer: I do not want the prize, I am saying this because it really made me think about my own life, which led me to come to these conclusions. 1. I may not have a lot of good qualities, but at least I'm someone you can talk to in a mature, confidential environment if needed. I'll try to hear out your problems and offer the best advice I can. Making another person happy helps bring oneself joy, and that's what I hope to find out of it. 2. If today were to be my last day on this earth, I would have little to forgive, but I would happily come to friendly terms with anybody who asked for it. In reality, I'd be most likely asking others for forgiveness. My imperfections and inability to cope with poor situations only dug my grave, but I would at least try to reconcile for my wrongdoings with those who I've crossed, if not as friends, then as two respectable people.
  2. Well, I could cloud your heads with falsities by saying something generic like "you can do whatever you want to do, be whatever you want to be, and accomplish whatever you want to accomplish", but I'd be lying. I can, however, relay to you the truth. The truth is that while life will kick you down and constantly beat on you every chance it gets, there is still hope. Hope that you can, once again, deliver a huge blow to life and get right back up on your feet. Hope that you can recover. Hope is something that cannot be taken away, no matter how tough thins may seem. Hope is what we fight with when all else is lost. With this hope, you can live a happy, peaceful life without ever getting knocked down by life's hardships. So take that hope, that kindle still burning within you, and tell yourself, "I will persevere". Just like that, you've overcome the biggest obstacles of all: fear and doubt. Regname: Aatrox / ID: (100047)
  3. Let it be known that I'm both a League of Legends and Fortnite god... that is all for today.

  4. I've neglected Forum ever since I joined xat so many years ago.  However, this changes STARTING NOW!  For those who don't know me, my name is Brandon, though I'm typically referred to as "Caboose" or even "Cabby".  It brings me great pleasure to have finally decided to utilize the Forum, and I look forward to viewing all your great posts.

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