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  1. IS there anyone to get the xat forums michael he doesnt post and hasn't been on since january lol

    1. Crow


      You'll need to open a ticket in the 

      A General Question or Concern department. You must be a paid user and logged in. Please ensure your subject is five words or more.

    2. michaelactive


      ight thanks.


  2. Hi everyone i just wanted to inform everyone who may not have seen the ads i've been using but i have recently opened a new chat Called Active and i have daily prizes one prize which happens every friday i choose one lucky active member for a 3k prize! which each week i usually bump the prize up! if your interested in winning some prizes please come check us out at www.xat.com/active we love seeing new people! we are trying to build a nice community here!
  3. Hi I'm looking for a inner/outer backgrounds for my chat xat.com/active willing to work with prices just looking for someone really good with graphics. Im at Active usually or add me and i can respond that way /f10000888 or sn "Michael" Thank you all for your time.
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