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  1. I Protect the dukedom.
  2. this idea of power is that I always thought, like all the powers of xat there is everypower this allgroup would be the power that you get when you get all the powers of the group, it would not be just that, you are tired of creating a group and staying signing right? so this power would end this tedium of signing a power for one by clicking on it you can be signing all the powers of group in your xat ending with tedium when you activate all when you disable all
  3. this my idea of power, is a power of elements water, fire, earth and air, power of animating smilies.
  4. xWill

    Shark Power

    isanty could apply for the creator of xat smilies, the guy does it well !!
  5. the new xat xat of news in portuguese will draw 2 new powers that launched on 2/24 we'll be raffling it in xat xat.com/novos and here in the club, just look for the club xat Novos and will be finding, the 2 draws are going happen tomorrow to participate just go on my private and type ILLUSIONFX Ja will be participating! the message must be said in xat. more info look for the xat!
  6. Thank you so much, I have much to learn, my friend.
  7. Good stifler I got your answer, very good idea so I tried to make some smilies with the effect of (elements)
  8. yes he can change the moon and the sun by hand or use one hand only
  9. that power I created with the intention of having some smilies that showed some super powers of the elements between water, wind, earth, and fire. if you like the idea I make those power smilies!
  10. I have a xat of news in portuguese of brazil, it is being used by people, I put all kinds of news in xat and blog, always updated 24 hours, no old news, always new news, promotions and more!
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