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  1. I just received the xats and days.
  2. Anyone else who knows the subject?
  3. I'm not a paid user apart, he does not let me make a ticket
  4. I would like to cancel a payment of xats that I made at xat.com/buy for the reason that I delay and needed it urgently I bought a reseller called @Bryan who sold me an amount of 2000 xats for $ 5 The reason I bought at xat.com/buy is because the user was not online and apart it was urgent. I would like if you could cancel the payment and wait a while for the money to be returned to my PayPal account
  5. Connectify (1523241055), My favorite game is Counter Strike, and this Easter I will be spending time with my family.
  6. Add the notification with sounds, and improve the notification in the bar and in blocking status. Add that xat can be in the background as the other applications, because when you minimize the application is disconnected and you lose the messages either in private or in the chat.
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