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  1. As a programmer, I always recommend the use of CANVAS in which it can display a STRING image, making fraud difficult. Let's face it, blocking F12 doesn't work. However, my recommendation is to use CANVAS for messages posted on xat and also, perhaps, block or MOUSE RIGHT BUTTON. In this way, you place order as edits.
  2. We know that HTML5 is a written language and that everything that is written is displayed to the customer. Thinking this way, we know that today we unfortunately have several visitors to xat.com malicious and fraudulent. Therefore, we know that if a script is not implemented in which the SELECT ELEMENT is self-blocked by the customer, several frauds may occur ; Prints of lying accusations; Delude a new xat.com registrant by demonstrating xats and days that never existed, but that the INSPECTING ELEMENT makes it possible to have. Besides, I can pose as someone else, call a DIV or a CLASS where
  3. Hello, when doing a test in HTML5, check if there are some errors occurring when it is changed in HAT. I tested color # 190710 and gave the error or help moderator VEVROK tested color # 000000 and also gave the error, as per the printout. Believe that you may have buggy cores after this new update. So, be aware of the bug. By reck (142361966)
  4. Adeism eu também concordo contigo sobre isso. Porém, não foi uma simples ofensa. Foi algo muito além disso. Como iremos acabar com o racismo no mundo se ignorarmos isso ?
  5. Olá! Hoje 16/02/2018 sofri um racismo de uma pessoa em um xat. Ele me chamou de um macaco preto e com chifres, uma grade negra. Estou realmente muito ofendido por isso. O que você pode fazer sobre isso? Siga a impressão abaixo https://i.imgur.com/r6p2AIz.png
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