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  1. JoeyWho123


    Woah (69636615)
  2. I need an 8 digit ID with random numbers and no patterns Will pay 3k xats PC me @ Woah /f69636615
  3. JoeyWho123


    Woah (69636615)
  4. JoeyWho123

    Where are all the old posts?

    I'm pretty sure my old account was named (yum) but when I try to login with it, it shows the user does not exist
  5. JoeyWho123

    Where are all the old posts?

    Hello. I would like to know how I could find posts made before 2014. Were they deleted or stored somewhere? I don't remember my old forum regname but I remember a lot of posts I made but aparently they can't be searched for now
  6. JoeyWho123

    Shortname prices.

    I agree. Shortnames were more valueable when they meant you had a higher position in the userlist and all you had to do was buy topman and purple. It's better to save for Ruby or EP now because they'll put you higher reguardless. I don't understand why they went up when the value went down but they clearly did.
  7. JoeyWho123

    Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    JoeyPotato (69636615)
  8. JoeyWho123

    ID Auction

    I would like a custom ID of my own. (One I create myself). I was told to suggest that xat opens an ID auction. so... *suggests it*
  9. JoeyWho123


    Potato (671983729)
  10. JoeyWho123

    Anotha One [10k Prize pool]

    Oops. Fail. Deleted
  11. JoeyWho123

    A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    Potato (671983729)

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