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  1. GS1905

    Lost Aut

    Hello there. I sent an e-mail for the ticket on 11th February, but the return has not yet been made. what is the longest and shortest answer time? and is there a positive negative return?
  2. GS1905

    Aut Lost

    Hello there, I had opened a ticket because I could not log in on 11th of February. I answered 10 questions asked me. yet no positive turn was provided. how long do you expect to wait?
  3. GS1905

    Aut Lost

    OK thank you so much. What can I do?
  4. GS1905

    Aut Lost

    yes I have access to the money. Unfortunately, I lost it because I changed the phone. username GS1905
  5. GS1905

    Aut Lost

    Hi, I lost my auth code. can you help me? thanks

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