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  1. Adnan

    Automatic logaut.

    I tried to get rid of it but it can not go wrong because I do not know what the problem is
  2. Adnan

    Automatic logaut.

    http://prntscr.com/lj81wr on my old registration this is the same thing and my friend tells me the best way to make a new one and make a new email and new everything but this is still happening
  3. Adnan

    Automatic logaut.

    this is my new registration I had an old registration as it was active but it also dribbled me when I go to login can not all three staples on the go get me off the car with nika and ask some eroor 37
  4. I have a problem with non stop giving me hold for no reason http://prntscr.com/lj6ash
  5. Adnan

    Automatic logaut.

    My login succesful and when i try to transfer send me to relogin.
  6. Adnan

    Automatic logaut.

    Yes i close all my xat windows and again ask me relogin when i try to transfer something.Have other solutijon ?
  7. Every time my login is successfull,but when I try to transfer someone something,always asks me for a login.I try with anther browers,with cleaning cookies but nothing always the same.Someone know solution ?
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