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  1. Yes I have i have done all this multiple times and i turn it off i will do restar pc clean with cclener histrijat delete but will not login any worse that login via html5 wants me but also over that when i manage to go login the same happens to me
  2. I can't go through HTML5 login and the same thing happens to me http://prntscr.com/pe9rw7
  3. yes i did it repeatedly cleaned pc history deleted everything and then restart do pc but i also can't login
  4. i cleaned pc rastartovo internet histroiat cleaned everything i was told i even through html5 entered or through it i cant login same problem
  5. hello do you know what is happening to me i can't login since last night i cleaned pc hysteria swabs everything i knew i worked through amil se login but it won't and it won't http://prntscr.com/pcqia0
  6. the owner of the chat is not often when he is told he warns him but this guy is psycho so do the same thing again
  7. so ok if you support such characters while doing nothing we will close the topic ... thanks
  8. well this is not the first time that ban me without reason there is some reason ok but no i would ask you to restate you because the same thing that ban me curses is worth etc ..
  9. pozzz i talked to the owner of the chat he says he will talk to him this same again for no reason ban me laugh he ban me at all he neither talk nor have to have either the owner or he to reprimand the main
  10. i would ask you to solve the problem with this character to have his reggae locked and because the character is sick of me personally and orally banter for no reason if he can handle it and that is his reggae <removed>
  11. I tried to get rid of it but it can not go wrong because I do not know what the problem is
  12. http://prntscr.com/lj81wr on my old registration this is the same thing and my friend tells me the best way to make a new one and make a new email and new everything but this is still happening
  13. this is my new registration I had an old registration as it was active but it also dribbled me when I go to login can not all three staples on the go get me off the car with nika and ask some eroor 37
  14. I have a problem with non stop giving me hold for no reason http://prntscr.com/lj6ash
  15. My login succesful and when i try to transfer send me to relogin.
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