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    "There's a corner of my heart that is yours. And I don't mean for now

    or if I find someone else, I mean forever. I mean to say that whether

    I fall in love a thousand times over or once or never again; there'll

    always be a small quiet place in my heart that belongs only to you"



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      Thank you Denise! x

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  8. Happy Birthday , Savannah

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  9. happy birthday

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      Thank youuuu!

  10. I've met a few people from xat. I have met 3 girls from xat and I met them when I quit. Didn't specifically quit for any reason, just stopped getting online as much. The first girl I met was a girl called Hope who lived in my city. (she doesn't get online anymore). She was lovely, we got on really well and spent the entire day together, shopping, went out for a meal, went to the cinema. The 2nd girl I met (who I won't say the name of due to nosey people) was a mutual friend of some of my friends irl life. It was a really nice experience, she lived around an hour from me and we vent
  11. Penguin.  (hug)

  12. At the end of the day xat is a business/company. If they're not willing to invest in their own company then they should be prepared to watch it die. xat needs major advertising and to pay their staff or at least appreciate them in a different way, especially the volunteers. It works for all business, the more positive praise you give to your staff, the more they'll feel valued in the company and will want to work harder for it.
  13. Inner: #3e3a5f Outer: Inner #2: (same design, different colour) #55315f Outer: Inner #3: #8334ff Outer: Reserved for another entry.
  14. >>> Click here to see how the backgrounds look on a chatbox <<< Inner GIF [ http://i.cubeupload.com/NszDmF.gif ] Inner Still Image [ http://i.cubeupload.com/80Ec8i.png ] Outer Image [ http://i.cubeupload.com/zBEr9n.png ] No negativity please.
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