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  1. Barty

    hola muffins , mi pregunta es que paso con mis powers? el ticket ke abri me responden que no saben nada de los powers que tu me sacaste?

    1. Barty


      hi muffins, my question is what happened with my powers? I opened the ticket to answer that they do not know anything about the powers that you took from me?

    2. zw


      Unfortunately, I am unable to comment on this. Volunteers are not able to give any indication as to the outcome of your relevant case here on the forum. All processing of requests and verification needs to take place through the ticket system.


      Regarding your second question, it's rather loaded. I can only surmise that there's either misinformation or lack of information in this instance.


      xat will certainly look into the matter and revise what you have posted.

  2. Barty

    hello muffins, enter my registration
      graciasportuamor (217549596) whose email is: <e-mail removed>. I had it saved for a long time and I did not use it. I wanted to use it and it gave me error 55, send a ticket last week and they do not answer me? it's payment that record and never had problems! please if you can see what happened? thanks greetings atte.-

    1. Lemona


      It's probably best you discuss this in private with him. In the meantime, the Account Block help topic does have a delay so you will need to continue waiting patiently. Your patience is appreciated.  

    2. zw


      Unfortunately, waiting a week or more for a response is a relatively normal wait time in the department where your ticket is currently filed (at this time).

      We understand how nerve-racking it can be not knowing why your account was frozen, but you will need to wait for a response to your relevant ticket. We are unable to disclose anything from OST on forum.


      If you would like me to check on your situation and provide you assurance that the ticket will still be serviced, I'd be happy to assist with that. As others have mentioned, I'd prefer if you contacted me privately about matters like this.


      To start a conversation with me:


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