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  1. I've received the prize. Thank you.
  2. background for contest. Yahir (228941530) Box : https://imgur.com/0lHs5eh.jpg BG: https://imgur.com/gvihczX.jpg Button color: #ffba00 Second entry Box : https://imgur.com/HiDjZAC.jpg BG: https://imgur.com/ttav1Y7.jpg Button color: #dc3d66 Third entry Box : https://imgur.com/ddS6SVr.jpg BG: https://imgur.com/GHOMiYa.jpg Button color: #ffffff Good Luck All
  3. I liked it, it's a good idea.
  4. Yahir (1507197285) Nick: Yahir BUTTON COLOR: #9ec2ff INNER: https://imgur.com/iiBMqPl.jpg OUTER: https://imgur.com/kYollTV.jpg SECOND ENTRY: BUTTON COLOR: #3a87d7 INNER: https://imgur.com/7Zqpy4M.jpg OUTER: https://imgur.com/QPIQ2b8.jpg
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