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  1. It's the guy from xat help. keep me posted on anything that pops up with my account. Thanks


    1. Stif


      I'm not a volunteer mate, i can't follow your situation but, in case you need help with the answers you get from them, just private message me!

  2. Locked Out of Account I've used since 2012

    thank you so much lol
  3. Locked Out of Account I've used since 2012

    I was told by a moderator in the xat help chat to ask for a volunteer to help me with my locked account. I've had this account for years and went inactive on it for almost 3 years. I obviously know that my inactivity probably had the account locked but every time I try to open a ticket, it says I need to be a paid user. Keep in mind that I brought powers on this account from a while back. If anyone can help me unlock this account, It would be very much appreciated. I might even donate a couple of my old powers that I had from way back. My account name is MrWerman1234. the display name is SpartacusSVD.