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  1. Been using HTML5 since it was first available by adding ?new at the end of a chats URL and loved it ever since. 

    Larger chats and quality text is my preference over the small features that weren't added yet.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Laming said:

    Some errors happened to me too.


    I think errors should be added to the xatwiki, or at least explain the steps needed to fix in the app by itself.


    Current way like "blocked for a while" - ERROR 4, wtf is ERROR 4? Not all users knows.


    This may be changed.

    That error is fixable by changing your password. From the testing I've done. Error 4 can be fixed through a password change. I can't find a fix for error 1. Adding them in a separate wiki for moblie would be efficient. 

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  3. I get this error ever couple of weeks. Happens both on application and browser. Locks me out of my accounts from the duration of minutes to a week. Any idea why this occurs? If so is there a fix on my side?



    Edit: Currently locked out been a few hours.

  4. Hello,


    Social bot contest - Redesign the bot for a prize.



    • Custom avatar created by yourself (Be creative no specific topic)

    • Matching pawn to use (EP, Ruby, Gold, Purple, Blueman, Pink)

    • Namecolor (Name grad, flag etc) code to match (Hex code)

    • Status color to match (Hex code)

    • Status of your choice (Something related to your avatar theme)




    • First place 1,250 xats

    • Second place 250 xats



    10 days from today (17th)


    Prize holder @Paul



    Social administration

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