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  1. Lying is your favorite passion.

  2. Good suggestion and overall easier to use I support this.
  3. Been using HTML5 since it was first available by adding ?new at the end of a chats URL and loved it ever since. Larger chats and quality text is my preference over the small features that weren't added yet.
  4. Vision something seen in a dream... Are you sleep though?

  5. Hey, I'm selling the ID 1999. You can forum message me or contact me @ /f391983. Taking offers as of now.
  6. I can support this for owner+ but I can also see it being an issue. People have the power to hide from all users. This would defeat the purpose in my opinion. 50/50 on this.
  7. Seven

    Error: Login 1

    That error is fixable by changing your password. From the testing I've done. Error 4 can be fixed through a password change. I can't find a fix for error 1. Adding them in a separate wiki for moblie would be efficient.
  8. Seven

    Error: Login 1

    I get this error ever couple of weeks. Happens both on application and browser. Locks me out of my accounts from the duration of minutes to a week. Any idea why this occurs? If so is there a fix on my side? Edit: Currently locked out been a few hours.
  9. Topic isn't closed and ID isn't ready. I'll wait for the topic owner to reply. My offer is now 86k.
  10. Since the ID isn't actually sold yet 85k is my offer.
  11. Hello, Phin wins first place with her Meaningless entry. Lunala wins second place with her Titan entry. Regards, Social administration
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